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Claude Riley Award Winners

2018 Claude Riley Award Winner

Gary Freeburg

The Claude Riley Award is a special recognition for support and contribution to the advancement of the National Hay Association.

Gary has served as NHA President, chairman and a member of numerous committees, served for many years as a Board Director, trucked hay to Madison, Wisconsin for the World Dairy Expo for over 25 years, and he and Amy have not missed a convention in 38 years!  He is devoted to this country, his community, the NHA and most importantly, to his family!  We congratulate the NHA’s First Gentleman, Gary Freeburg, as the 2018 Claude Riley Award Winner!

Claude Riley was a Chicago area hay dealer, professional hayman, and strong supporter of the NHA. Claude never missed a convention for 20 years after serving as the NHA President in 1972. Claude died three days after the St Augustine, FL convention. Claude’s obituary named the NHA for memorials and the association decided to create the Riley Award. The Riley Award honors professional haymen and strong NHA supporters.

Past Claude Riley Award Winners

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2016 - Robyn Scott
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           Julie Foos
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            Duane Jonhson
 1992 - Les and Vera Proehl


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