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U.S. Forage Export Council

Hay is a growing international industry

     The U.S. Forage Export Council (USFEC) consists of NHA members that are financially invested in compress facilities based in the United States and who actively sell/export baled fiber products to foreign countries. The USFEC works under the umbrella of the NHA to advance industry related issues relative to nutrient and chemical testing, transportation, agronomy, cross-feed contamination, workplace welfare, fire exposure/risk and other industry concerns impacting United States based compress operations that export baled fiber products.

     The USFEC is also actively working with the USDA/FAS, foreign agriculture governmental agencies, and foreign trade associations on all issues pertaining to “safe feed” with one goal in mind: making exported U.S. hay products the safest in the world.

     Participation in this committee is entirely optional to those NHA members that qualify. Those that do qualify and who join the committee must adhere to all policies adopted by the USFEC and participate in regular meetings.

Find out more about the USFEC by clicking on the picture below.

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